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Writing for Web Sites

Having created a web site, many business owners have neither the time nor inclination to ensure their web site content is appropriate and well written.

A web content writer can assist you to create content for your web site that is compelling, communicates a clear and powerful message to clients and is search engine friendly.

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Writing Web Page Content

Writing content for a web site is very different to other forms of writing. This is due to two critical differences;

  • The nature of web site visitors> Visitors tend to ‘skim’ for information, rather than read every word and sentence
  • The nature of web site search engines> – Search engines favour sites that adhere to a range of certain Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) preferences

As a result, it is critical that content is written and presented in a way that will capture and hold the attention of these web ‘skimmers’, and subsequently persuade them to take specific action. It is also important to write content with SEO in mind if you want your site to be found.

Writing Original & Persuasive Web Content

We achieve these things by producing original, high quality web content that adheres to the following;

  • Sentences and paragraphs are kept short and sharp 
  • Language used is informative, yet easy to understand
  • Fresh, original content via thorough research and understanding client needs
  • Persuasive text is used to elicit a desired response from site visitors
  • Content is broken down into sections using attention grabbing headers
  • We write for SEO, using appropriate language, keywords and text headers

Contact us on 1300 669 688, (02)9983 1924 or enquiries@absoluteresume.com.au if you would like to discuss any our web content writing services.

Web Content – Service Features

By carefully choosing our words, we create content that is compelling and well written which communicates a clear and powerful message to your clients.

Our content can enhance the effectiveness and presentation of your web site, and give your customers the confidence they are dealing with a professional and credible business.

Our clients include businesses and individuals across a wide range of industries including the finance, healthcare, retail and building sectors. We tailor each job to meet the specific needs of the client, the message they want communicated, and the action they want taken.

We provide content from small single page jobs to larger multi-page requests. We have produced content for complex financial services (planning, consulting, accounting and taxation) and medical sites (general, psychology and ophthalmic practices), in addition to retail and trade based sites.

We can typically provide a quote for smaller jobs same day. Quotes for larger jobs can be provided next day. Quotes will be based on number of pages and complexity (i.e. writing content for a financial services business will be more complex than content for a business selling ice-cream).

We work closely with clients to fully understand their business and the key messages they wish to communicate. This is supported by thorough research of the subject matter and ongoing validation through the writing process to ensure we are on the right track. We know the job isn’t complete until the client is satisfied.

If you need a quote or would like to ask a question or two about our web content services, feel free to contact us anytime at 1300 669 688, (02) 9983 1924 or enquiries@absoluteresume.com.au. We would love to help get your site up and running.


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