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Selection Criteria

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Need a quality Selection Criteria response? Then look no further.

We are experts at writing Key Selection Criteria responses and Suitability Statements that have helped applicants produce job winning responses for a wide variety of Federal, State and Local Government positions.

Selection Criteria responses are critically important when applying for Government or Public Sector roles in Australia. Failure to address selection criteria adequately, and your application is unlikely to get past initial screening.

We regularly write responses for APS 1-6 and EL 1-2 positions (and state based equivalents), that will put you in serious contention for getting your desired role.

Contact us via email HERE or call us on 1300 669 688 to discuss our Selection Criteria services in more detail.

Selection Criteria Approach

Addressing Selection Criteria in the right way is critical when applying for a public sector role.

An otherwise perfect candidate who fails to address selection criteria properly, is unlikely to be considered. A good resume and cover letter alone will not be enough.

Writing selection criteria is not easy though. There are numerous requirements that must be adhered to, making the writing of selection criteria responses time consuming and challenging.

We can help you to navigate the challenges of writing Selection Criteria by delivering the following;

  • Use of the STAR Model or SAO Approach>  We use the STAR model or SAO approach to frame selection criteria responses (The STAR model & SAO Approach are the industry standard for addressing selection criteria questions)
  • Maintain clear focus on Key/Essential Criteria>  To be seriously considered for a role the candidate will need to specifically and clearly address all Key/Essential Criteria. We work closely with candidates to identify their most appropriate skills, experience and achievements that will address Key Selection Criteria
  • Each Criteria Must be Addressed>  Each selection criteria listed in the position description should be addressed (unless advised otherwise).This can be as few as 2-3 criteria or more than 8. Regardless, producing selection criteria requires considerable time, effort and writing skills.
  • We produce Individual Selection Criteria Responses or Combined Suitability Statements>  Our writers are experienced producing both individual selection criteria responses and combined Suitability Statements that address selection criteria
  • We pay close attention to Criteria Language used>  For example a response will differ depending on the requirement for ‘Demonstrated Understanding’ versus ‘Extensive Experience’ of a certain criteria. This means you cannot use the same generic response time and again for different roles
  • Criteria Responses are Tailored to the role>  The language we use will differ depending on the level of the role (Senior versus Junior position), or the type of position (Management versus Technical role)

Because selection criteria can be onerous, we strive to make the process as simple as possible. We will obtain as much information as possible from your existing resume and cover letter documentation, and supplement this with information from follow up calls or emails to fill in the gaps.

Contact us via email HERE or on 1300 669 688 to discuss our Selection Criteria services.

Recent Selection Criteria Testimonials

Ben H, Baulkham Hills – Manager Health Services
“I would just like to give you a big thanks for helping with my Selection
Criteria. I am very pleased with the results.”

William H, Central Coast – Transport Industry Manager
“I’m really happy with the resume and selection criteria. It looks amazing
and it reads really straightforward. I appreciate the terrific effort removing
the waffle and duplication.”

Erica G, Melbourne – Health Services
“You’ve been a saviour. The selection criteria was getting too much, and you
have made it all so much easier”

Miles R, Macquarie Park – NSW Transport
“After many failed attempts to write a single criteria response, and with the
deadline fast approaching, I contacted Absolute Resume. They not only produced 5
responses within days, but they were extremely well written.”

Selection Criteria Clients

We are highly experienced in applying the STAR model to selection criteria applications, and have successfully helped candidates apply for Public Sector roles across;

  • Federal Government Positions> 
  • State Government Positions> 
  • Local Government Positions> 
  • Academic Institutions> 
  • Healthcare and Welfare> 

We work closely with you to identify critical information regarding your experience, responsibilities and achievements. We draw out what is relevant and emphasize what is important in an application, whilst adhering to the strict selection criteria guidelines.

As a result, we will relieve you of the uncertainty of producing a high quality application dealing with the exacting criteria outlined above. You can be sure that your skills, experience and aspirations have been captured and communicated in a clear and effective selection criteria response.

Contact us via email HERE or on 1300 669 688 if you have any questions or would like to discuss our Selection Criteria services in more detail.

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