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Importance of a Cover Letter

A well written cover letter or ‘expression of interest'(EOI) will encourage a recruiter to read your resume, and take your application seriously.

We have have helped many job applicants to produce successful, high quality cover letters and EOI’s which have helped them to get their desired jobs. From as little as $50, we can help you to put together an expertly written cover letter that will also put you in serious contention.

Contact us via email HERE or on 1300 669 688 to discuss how we can help you to write a winning cover letter. Alternatively, you can order via PayPal below.

Cover Letter Approach

The jobs market is highly competitive at the moment. With potentially hundreds of applications to assess, it is critical that your cover letter is not only concise and well written, but stands out from the pack if you expect to gain a recruiters attention.

We do this by adhering to the following;

  • Be Clear Concise and Original>  Avoid long rambling sentences and paragraphs, and tailor the cover letter to the role
  • Communicate Your Desire>  Clearly outline your desire for the role, it could be the difference in two otherwise equal applications
  • Address the Key Job Criteria>  Ensure key job criteria is specifically addressed in the cover letter, and make sure to use key words
  • Include Critical Achievements>  Your past achievements are considered important indicators of future performance
  • Highlight Problems Solved>  Recruiters tend to have a clear preference for proactive problem solvers
  • Call to Action>  Finish with a prompt for action and make sure to include your contact details

Recent Cover Letter Testimonials

Christina H, Turramurra – Retail Services
“Thanks for the excellent cover letter. I didn’t know I had so much to offer.”

Adriana C, Gosford – Administrative Assistance
“Thanks for the quick turnaround on the cover letter. I have already received
a call for an interview.”

Susan L, Gold Coast – Accounts/Bookkeeper
“I appreciate the quick turnaround on the cover letter. It looks great”

Eric C, Melbourne – Web Developer
“Guys, thanks for the resume and cover letter. I have given your contact details
to some of my friends who are also seeking work.”

Cover Letter Sample

Below we provide a sample ‘before and after‘ cover letter which we reworked for a Financial Services Manager.


We will write you a professional Cover Letter that pinpoints your core skills, highlights your key capabilities and presents you in a way that will make recruiters sit up and take notice.

Alternatively, contact us via email HERE or call us at 1300 669 688 to discuss our cover letter services.

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