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Your Resume

Article Summary: Job applicants can get confused by the myriad of options and greater flexibility that come with writing a modern day resume. In this article we offer 10 tips to ensure that your resume is up to date.

Article Summary: In this article we discuss the brutal realities of resume screening by employers/recruiters, and offer a few tips to help your resume avoid the early ‘reject pile’.

Article Summary: When it comes to writing a good resume, too much information is not necessarily a good thing. In this article we discuss the common problem of overly long resumes, and provide a few hints on how to cut them down to size.

Article Summary: When looking for a resume writer, look for someone with an eye firmly focused on helping you to get a job. Pragmatism and common sense should trump practitioners more concerned with literary ambition or the finer rules of grammar. This article outlines a few things to look for in a resume writer. 

Article Summary: The start of a new calendar year is a great time to take stock of your career. In this article we discuss why updating your resume at this time makes good sense and outline some of the key benefits. 

Article Summary: LinkedIn is increasingly being used by Recruiters and Job Seekers alike. This article looks at the growing use of LinkedIn in Australia and provides a few tips to keep on top of your LinkedIn profile. 

Mature Job Seeker

Article Summary: Many of the resumes that I receive from older job seekers suffer from a few recurring issues. High amongst these issues is poor formatting and the inclusion of inappropriate and irrelevant information. In this article we offer some tips to help you tidy up your old resume.

Article Summary: With corporate failures and redundancies rising steeply, increasing numbers of mature aged Australians are finding themselves looking for work in an uncertain environment. In this article we discuss the issue of Age Bias in the workplace, and what mature aged jobseekers can do to enhance their prospects of re-entering the workforce.

Article Summary: In this article, we discuss the case of Ann Margulis, a 61 year old Sydney woman who took to advertising for work on a giant billboard after being rejected for work nearly 500 odd times.


Selection Criteria

Article Summary: Due to the increasing competition for government roles, the importance of properly addressing Selection Criteria has accordingly become even more critical. This article discusses the resulting need for those applying for government roles to ensure their applications meet the exacting selection criteria requirements by using the STAR Model.

Article Summary: This article outlines the importance of using the STAR Model when applying for public sector roles, and offers a few tips to ensure your selection criteria response hits the mark.

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