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We have a range of great looking resume templates that will give your job application a professional touch. Order one of our DIY resume templates now, and you can begin writing your new resume without concern for formatting.

Many job seekers have taken advantage of our DIY resume templates to take the hassle out of formatting a resume. So ditch your tired old resume and order one of our new templates. See our samples below;

Resume Template Benefits;

  • Excellent Value> Your choice of great looking templates (see examples below)
  • Focus on Content> Forget about formatting and focus on getting your content right
  • Professionally Formatted Templates>  Easy to use MS Word templates that are formatted to highlight your critical skills and achievements
  • A Variety of Resume Designs >  Choose from our Single Page, Traditional and Contemporary Resume Galleries
  • Your Choice of Resume Style >  Choose from our Executive, Experienced, Tradesman, or New to Job Market template options
  • Completely safe and easy to purchase >  Use our PayPal option (Credit Card purchases can also be made using PayPal)

1. Single Page Resume Template Gallery

See the gallery below for a sample of our SINGLE PAGE Resume Templates. SINGLE PAGE templates are a great short form resume, ideal for capturing everything on a single page.

2. Traditional Resume Template Gallery

See the gallery below for a sample of our TRADITIONAL Resume Templates. TRADITIONAL templates are ideal for a range of professions, where content rather than form is critical.

3. Contemporary Resume Template Gallery

See the gallery below for a sample of our CONTEMPORARY Resume Templates. CONTEMPORARY templates are ideal for a range of professions where you want to make a visual impact.

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